Fall 2017 NEC Intent to Enroll Form

This form indicates your decision regarding NEC's offer of admission. Graduate students must complete this form and submit the tuition deposit by April 15. Undergraduates must complete this form and submit the tuition deposit by May 1.
I wish to enroll at New England Conservatory for the 2017-2018 academic year
I will submit a non-refundable $500 (US) tuition deposit to guarantee my space in the entering class. I understand that this deposit will be applied toward the first semester tuition. My deposit and submission of this form indicate that I will not accept another school's offer of admission or submit another deposit. If I am admitted to another school from its wait list and wish to attend that school, I will notify NEC immediately. I understand that the tuition deposit is entirely nonrefundable.

Undergraduate students under the age of 21, including transfer students, are required to live in the Residence Hall during their first and second years at NEC, unless granted an exemption. All new undergraduate students must fill out the Housing Application and Roommate Questionnaire. Students who wish to reserve a room in the residence hall, including all first-year undergraduates, must submit the $525 housing deposit.

In order to avoid additional fees, we strongly suggest paying the enrollment and/or housing deposit via personal check or money order.

Deposits should be sent to:
New England Conservatory
Admissions Office
290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
Billing and Parent Information
Enrolling students must indicate the address to which tuition bills should be sent. Students must keep their billing address current. Payments received late due to an incorrect billing address will be assessed a late fee.
Billing Address

Parent Information